CT Fletcher’s Ten Commandments Of Weightlifting

by Brandon

When it comes to intensity levels nobody compares to the intensity CT Fletcher brings to his workouts and every video he posts on his Youtube channel. And there is no question that he knows what it takes to be insanely jacked, at over 50 years old he puts most guys half his age to shame with his physique. Many guys out there might want to begin putting on muscle mass but need some guidance when it comes to how to go about achieving their goal. How do they make their muscles grow?  Well for all those guys CT just put together his ten commandments of weightlifting, giving us some of the guidelines and philosophies he goes by when hitting the gym. You have control over your body so begin hitting the gym with a purpose and game plan and you will see growth in your muscles that you’ve never seen before. Check out CT Fletcher’s wildly intense Ten commandments of weightlifting in the video below to help you on your road to becoming crazy jacked!

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