DANA LINN BAILEY – Leg Day Training

by Brandon

You can’t help but enjoy a great laugh and become extremely motivated every time you watch a Dana Linn Bailey video on her Youtube channel. Which has everything to do with the fabulous personalities of both Dana and Rob Bailey. They find a way to work extremely hard, practically to the point of exhaustion but somehow enjoy it and help each other push through their sets. Fast forward to around the six minute mark and that’s when the fun and games are put aside as it is time to get down to the nitty gritty. Rob smashes his chest and Dana goes through a hardcore leg routine that will make most of us hurl immediately after if not during it. But that right there is what you must be willing to do if you plan on reaching a level of success, it ain’t easy but it must be done. Check out Ron and Dana talk about what they have planned for the future and go through a intense day at the Warehouse gym!

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