Dana Linn Bailey Reveals How She Prepared For The Ninja Warrior Competition

by Brandon

It came as a shock to Dana Linn Baileys’s fans when she announced that she would be taking some time to transition into becoming a ninja warrior contestant. Many wondered how well a women’s physique competitor could adapt to the obstacles and conditions of the ninja warrior competition. But if there was anyone who possessed the capabilities of making it happen it would be the incredibly hard working DLB. Tweaking her workout routines toward excercises that would prepare her as much as possible for what she was getting herself into. Unfortunately Dana wasn’t as successful as she and her fans hoped she would but that doesn’t make it a failure at all. If anything far from it, it’s very rare that we see an athlete take a step into uncharted waters and give something new a shot. Which is exactly what DLB did and you have to respect that. Listen to the various changes Dana Linn Bailey made in her training and lifestyle as she prepared for the competition in the video below!

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