Dana Linn Bailey Squats/Shoulder Training

by Brandon

Watching Dana Linn Bailey train might make you feel as if your days in the gym just aren’t intense enough. Don’t be silly it’s just that not many people on this earth have the drive and motivation to push themselves as hard as she does. The reason for her continuously pushing herself to new limits is because she has many things she wants to accomplish and is completely aware of what it’ll take. One thing I’m sure that is on her mind is reclaiming her Olympia title which was taken away last year. While finishing second might be a success to many, to those who strive for greatness being second just isn’t good enough. Which is a message that you can apply to your life, never become satisfied with being anything other than the best. Check out Dana smash her shoulders (the striations in her shoulders are out of this world) while getting some squats done in the video below!

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