Dana White Says Any UFC Fighter Would Beat Floyd Mayweather

by Adam Smith

Yesterday, UFC fighter Connor McGregor made headlines when he said that he would “kill Floyd Mayweather in 30 seconds”. Today, TMZ caught up with UFC President Dana White and asked him would he thought about Conor’s comments, and not only did he agree that McGregor could beat Mayweather’s ass. He said any UFC fighter would be able beat Mayweather, including female UFC fighter Paige Van Zandt.

“Do you not believe that?! [McGregor would beat Mayweather] Of course. Any of these guys – [Dana points to UFC fighters passing by] he’d beat Mayweather……he’d beat Mayweather. All of these guys would beat Mayweather. Not just Conor, she’d [Paige VanZant passing by] beat Mayweather right there”

White went on to explain that MMA fighters have an advantage because they have more skill sets than Mayweather, who can only rely on his boxing skills. Boxing is just one thing. These guys do everything – every one of these guys would kick Mayweather’s ass. Of course White isn’t the only one who thinks MMA fighters could beat up Mayweather. Manny Pacquiao went on record saying that Ronday Rousey would beat Mayweather just a few weeks ago. You watch Dana White’s comments on Floyd Mayweather below.

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