Daniel Norris Is A Millionaire Pitcher And He Lives In A Van?

by Brandon

If you were given two million dollars you would probably purchase a new car and a nice house or apartment right? This is not the case for 21 year old pitcher Daniel Norris of the Toronto Blue Jays. Coming out of high-school Daniel signed a lucrative $2 million signing bonus to join the Blue Jays orginization but somehow hasn’t given in to the opulent lifestyle that comes with having large amounts of cash. He currently resides inside of his Volkswagen camper van and doesn’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. Vice sports recently went down to Blue Jays spring training to catch up with one of baseball’s top prospects as he takes us through a day in his life.

Are you disciplined enough to be able to live inside of a camper van, knowing you have $2 million sitting in your bank account?

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