Demarcus Cousins Drains A Dramatic Buzzer-Beating Game-Winner

by Brandon

Demarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings has been taking a lot of heat this season for some of his actions on the court, as well as his alleged dislike for possible head coaching candidate George Karl. One thing that can’t be denied is the remarkable talent and productivity of the young star. His talent was on full display Sunday night as the Kings took on the visiting Phoenix Suns. The game would go down to wire as both teams battled it out throughout the course of forty eight minutes. It would all come down to one possession with 2.5 seconds left and the game tied at 83. The ball was given to Demarcus at the top of the arc, he took one dribble, stepped through to create just enough space to get off a contested jump shot as the buzzer sounded. Demarcus would come through clutch- with a little help from a shooters roll. Not to be outdone by fellow Kentucky big man Anthony Davis’ game-winner from the previous night. Showing why he is a deserving first time All-star.

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