Develop A Thicker Back With The T-Bar Row

by Brandon

Chin-ups and pull-ups are two great exercises that will help develop wider lats, but, they will not contribute to building a thicker, dense back. To achieve those improvements you will need to incorporate rows into your back training routine. And the most effective row would be the T-bar row as it allows you to use a natural grip – palms facing each other- which is the biomechanically strongest position to pull from. Another advantage the T-bar row provides over a dumbbell row is that using two hands will allow you to load more weight. The only issue lies in the fact that every gym you come across will not supply a T-bar but you can grab an empty barbell, place it in a corner of the gym and rest some heavy dumbbells or plates on one side to hold it down. Hook a V-grib handle under the bar and you are ready to row away. Fitness model Rob Riches is a proponent of the T-bar row as it is his go to movement for adding thickness to his back and advises those looking for the same results to give it a try. Take a look at Rob breaking down the movement in full detail in the video below!

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