Dexter Jackson Trains Delts 6 Weeks Out From Arnold Classic

by Brandon

Dexter Jackson has an Olympia title to go along with his other countless competition successes. The 2015 Arnold Classic is only a day away and here we get a look at the legendary Dexter Jackson training delts six weeks out. It’s unbelievable and hard to grasp the idea that Dexter Jackson is a 45 year old who looks and lifts as if he is a 25 year old pro bodybuilder. It is a testament to the hard-work and discipline that has allowed him to stay in peak condition throughout all these years. As well as his willingness to learn from some of the smartest trainers in the sport, who have helped him stay at the top of his game.

Dexter talks about the possibilities of him retiring, as well as his ability to stay healthy all these years. It makes you wonder how many years can he possibly continue to perform at such a high level?

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