Did You Know Mark Wahlberg Did A Workout Video When He Was A Teenager? Check It Out!

by Adam Smith



This video goes a little something like… “POW!” You’ll see what we mean soon enough. A young and incredibly chiseled “Marky” Mark Wahlberg offers us up a dish of delicious poolside “fly honeys” and lots of sexualized weight-lifting. Let’s just say, there’s definitely some good vibrations going on there.


This video is too funny and takes place sometime during the 90’s. To be honest it has some good tips and is good video for butt-firming moves. I still have a feeling we’ve come a long way since that era and if we could go back in time we’d teach these ladies a thing or two we’ve learned since then. The video still brings my nostalgia meter through the roof and for that its an instant classic.


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