DLB Vs RB: Head To Head Front Raise Battle

by Brandon

After a while of consistent training it become quite difficult to find ways to heighten the intensity of your training sessions but it is highly important to do so. Just going through the motions will no allow you to see the results you envision for yourself. As in anything else in life, you must give your 100% once inside of the gym if you plan on getting anything great out of your time. There are many options you can turn to such as supersets or switching up your rep ranges. Or you can incorporate some competition between you and your training partner which will easily take your training intensity level up a few notches. There is nothing like getting your competitive juices flowing, bringing out your competitive side will result in you pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion all in an effort to out lift your competition. Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey added in some competitive training into their last shoulder day and it resulted in a great boost in their training intensity as if they didn’t train hard enough already. Take a look at the video below to see who won the shoulder raise battle and how it inserted some energy into their training!

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