Doesn’t This New Employee at Golds Gym Look Familar?

by Adam Smith

Members of a Venice, Calif., Gold’s Gym got the surprise of a lifetime recently when none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up to surprise them dressed as a “gym manager” — in a disguise that fooled almost nobody. In an effort to promote getting active, he messes around with some of the gym’s clients. They got plenty of workout advice from the Schwarzenegger, dressed as gym manager “Howard,” for free. He even managed to convince a girl that she had to do reps of water.  OF WATER..LOL


“When it burns, it grows… remember that,” he told one woman, who replied with “you look so familiar to me!”

“You have elbows and you have knees, so touch them!” he told another gym member doing crunches. “Very nice!”

“Come on Arnold!” shouted one man. “Howard is my name,” Schwarzenegger replied.


Schwarzenegger famously worked out at the same Gold’s Gym in his bodybuilding glory days of the 70s. In the new video, Arnold aka “Howard” is comically awkward as he strolls around the gym, bothering the patrons, many of whom clearly do a double-take.

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