Dom Mazzetti Is Back To Help Your Back… Muscles

by Adam Smith

Now that Memorial Day weekend has officially commissioned the start of Summer 2015, every girl you’ll cross paths with on the beach from here until the end of September will be looking for a dude with a shredded back. Duh. That’s a fact, Jack. Animal kingdom, primal instinct kind of stuff. Good thing Dom Mazzetti checked in again to aid you with your pursuit of the perfect back yolking routine, because lord knows the Dad Bod has come and gone (likely thanks to Dom) quicker than that perfect 10 that just pranced by you in a string bikini without trading a glance. So, by all means, now chase her down the beach and promise to pump out this routine every day from here on out if she consents to a first date. By all means, order Alpha sandwiches for the table.

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