Dom Mazzetti: What To Wear On The Turn Up

by Brandon

Deciding what to wear at the gym comes easy to those who hit the gym consistently, it comes down to a question of what muscle you want to show off the most. On a day where you are going to train arms you will most likely go with a tank top so everyone in the gym can take notice that you are in fact training arms. But what do you wear outside of the gym when going out with some friends? Can you pull off the tank top at the bar? Or should you just go with the conservative polo and jeans? It can be an increasingly difficult decision but worry no longer. The legendary Dom Mazzetti provides us with a guide on what to and what not to wear when going out to the bar to pick up some girls. Saving all us gym goers from showing up to the bar looking like a complete fool. Check out the video below and enjoy a good laugh while learning what you should wear next time you decide to go out!

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