Dom Mazzetti: What Your gym Of Choice Says About You!

by Brandon

Choosing what gym you should get a membership to can be a difficult decision to make at first. There are a few things to take into consideration when making this highly important decision. For example, what are your fitness goals? What type of crowd do you want around you while working out? Do you prefer working out at an empty gym? Among many others. But gym Bro Dom Mazzetti states that the gym you choose to workout at says everything you need to know about a person. His opinion on people who go to Equinox as their gym of choice is that they “..barely even workout, you pay people to workout for you. Also known as ‘personal trainers’. Also known as the help..” Going to claim that the weights at Equinox even weigh less because they don’t their members to have to struggle while working out. Dom then goes after those who train at the world famous Planet Fitness. Stating that only two types of individuals work out at Planet Fitness; the first being broke and the second being the people who are scared of fitness and intimidated by those who are physically fit. Quite frankly, Dom’s evaluations aren’t too far off from the truth. But there is no way Dom stopped there as he continued to breakdown members of various other gyms. Check out the comical Dom Mazzetti as he breaks down for us what your gym of choice actually says about who you are in the video below!

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