Don’t Be That Guy At The Gym!

by Adam Smith

Everyone can spot one of these guys miles away.  Do Not be THAT GUY at the gym.

You know who we are talking about! The guy that everyone laughs at and shakes their head at, while sneaking a photo of them to share with their friends for a good laugh.

Yes, That Guy! The guy you ask yourself “What the heck is he doing?” or “What is he wearing? Did he look in the mirror?”

Every gym has a lineup of “character” that include the following:

The NOOB; who does exercises that it looks like he just created.

The MEATHEAD; who bangs weights and screams for no reason (and isn’t big at all).

The COACH; who always is there for unwanted pointers and advice.

The FACE; yes you know that guy who makes the strangest faces while he is training “hard”.

The SHOWOFF; the name says it all

You know you can think of someone at your gym who fits each of these characters!

Enjoy this video and SHARE with your friends so they don’t become THAT GUY!

And if they do please make sure you take their picture and call them out on social media!