Double Amputee Zack Ruhl Shows Us His Extreme Workout!

by Brandon

The only limitations you have in life are the ones you wrongfully place on yourself. If you restrict yourself to living your life within the safe zone or the box that most live in, you will never achieve anything extraordinary. It is just that simple. Whatever thoughts you put into your mind whether they are positive or negative will ultimately be turned into physical reality. With that being said, what is the point of confining yourself to a life of mediocrity? There is no point and doing so makes no sense what so ever. But the next time you feel you don’t have what it takes to accomplish a certain task or goal keep Zack Ruhl in mind. Zack is a double amputee who refuses to be defined by the hand he was dealt and instead uses everyday as an opportunity to live out his passions. Despite the fact that Zack had to have his amputation done at two-years of age due to a deformity, he has persevered and continued to live a fit and healthy life. Using powerlifting and CrossFit as a means to continuously push himself beyond his limits on a daily basis. Take a look at Zack’s training routine and life story in the video below!

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