Dwyane Wade Meets The Basketball Impersonator And Talks The Evolution Of Style In The NBA

by Brandon

The 2015 NBA season is freshly underway and it couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. We have seen the likes of Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony return from season ending  injuries as if they never occurred any injuries at all. As well as rookies like Jahlil Okefor and Karl Anthony Towns show that they are ready to make their mark on this league. But then we have the widely old veterans like Dwyane Wade who just keep on playing at a extremely high level regardless of how many years they have been in the league. With the season just kicking off, VICE Sports saw it as the perfect time to catch up with the man himself. Setting up a meet up with basketball impersonator Brandon Armstrong before heading out to Wade’s office to discuss the evolution of style in the NBA. Which at one point was all about wearing baggy shirts and chains but quickly transitioned to the players taking pride in how they show up to play. Listen to Dwyane Wade talk about where the current state of NBA style is and much more in the video below!

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