East Coast Mecca: Bev Francis And Her Impact On Female Bodybuilding

by Brandon

As a society we tend to judge people who stray away from the norm quite easily and it is totally wrong. Female bodybuilders for example are looked at by some as if they are from out of this world and why because they have a muscular physique. When was it said that every women on this planet should be small and petite? It’s a shame that some of these marvelous athletes are frowned upon just because they did what most are scared to do; chase their dreams with no care for what anybody else thinks. It takes a certain level of confidence and mental fortitude to become a female bodybuilder and they should without a doubt be applauded for that. However due to the continued growth of the sport of bodybuilding, bodybuilders in general are being accepted and appreciated now more than ever. And a ton of the credit goes to early pioneers such as Bev Francis. She was one of the competitors who paved the way for current champions like Dana Linn Bailey and continues to help the sport grow by sharing her knowledge with young aspiring female bodybuilders. See what Bev Francis had to go through and the tremendous impact she continues to have on female bodybuilding in the video below!

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