East Coast Mecca: Juan Morel

by Brandon

Throughout the year many pro bodybuilders stop by the ‘East Coast Mecca’ when it comes time to train for big competitions. But very few are as dedicated to the Bev Francis Powerhouse gym as New York pro champ Juan Morel. You can consistently catch the massive Morel pushing himself through an intense training session at the ‘East Coast Mecca.’ And hey if you had the opportunity, why would you train anywhere else? Bev Francis provides competitors with a hardcore atmosphere that is true to bodybuilding. The people who are there training are there to do just that.. train. Not to take a bunch of selfies to post on their various social media account to fool their followers but rather to put in the necessary work that’ll get them closer to their goals. In the latest episode of East Coast Mecca we get an all-access look into the training, diet, and lifestyle of Juan Morel just a few months before he went on to win the 2015 New York Pro. Check out the entire episode in the video below!

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