East Coast Mecca: Preparing For The NPC East Coast Championships

by Brandon

The East Coast Mecca provides many different services for countless individuals. To some it symbolizes the beginning of the journey to becoming a professional bodybuilder. Others look it at as nothing other than a place to let out their daily frustrations on the weights. While fans of bodybuilding look it at as an opportunity to get as close as possible to many icons of the sport. And it is all possible thanks to Steve Weinberger and Bev Francis – two people who prove to us all that bodybuilding is indeed a lifestyle. Not only do they run one of the best gyms in the country and help up-and-coming bodybuilder but they also run their own NPC competitions in the North East. Proving how invested they are into the bodybuilding world.

In the latest episode of East Coast Mecca we see Steve and Bev prepare to put on what will be one of their last NPC competitions of the year. While still managing to squeeze in time to help those who have aspirations of going pro. Which is what life is all about. What good is it to have a multitude of knowledge on a particular field only to keep it to yourself? Life is about helping out others and sharing the knowledge you have gained through the experiences you have gone through.

Check out the video below to get a look at all that goes on at the East Coast Mecca!

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