Easy Fixes To Lift More For Strength & Size

by Brandon

Consistently adding weight to the their bench press is the goal of every dude out there. Regardless of how big or little you are, every guy enjoys slapping on some weight onto the barbell and throwing it up a few times. But what many fail to realize is that the key to lifting more weight when it comes to the bench press lies in how good your form is. Failure to use proper form will not only leave you susceptible to injury but will also hinder your results. While we all love to focus on constantly adding weight, without a rock solid foundation you will not be lifting to your full capacity.

Michael Kory recently made some quick fixes to his technique to help improve his strength and size and recorded all to give us an up close look at these adjustments. Giving us a one-on-one more hands on video that goes into detail about the reasoning behind these tweaks to his form. So quit working so hard and begin training smart by making the fixes Michael describes in the video below!

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