Elliot Hulse Hybrid Workout With Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings

by Brandon

NFL teams around the league are currently in the process of kicking-off their training camp preparations for the upcoming season but the players have been preparing their bodies for what’s to come for some time now. A NFL players off-season doesn’t begin in training camp, it starts way before as they are expected to come into camp in peak conditioning. Giants running back Rashad Jennings took it upon himself to train with fitness enthusiast Elliot Husle as he looks to bounce back from a rough campaign in 2014. Rashad killed Elliot’s hybrid workout making it almost seem effortless, showing that he is ready to get back to work and make a huge impact this season as the Giants look to make a playoff push. If the rest of Rashad’s teammates are working as hard as he is the Giants will be experiencing a lot of success in the 2015-16 season. Check out Rashad Jennings go through Elliot Hulse’s hybrid workout in the video below!

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