Enhance Your Chest Gains With The Spoto Press!

by Brandon

There is no doubt that the bench-press is in fact king of all the upper-body exercises and matter of pride inside of the gym. It is where you can show off all the strength you have amassed over the last few months which is why it can become incredibly frustrating when your gains come to a halt. It leaves you wondering why you could possibly be doing wrong? And despite what you believe the answer might not be to overload the barbell with more plates. However, a highly effective exercise that could help continue your chest growth and development is the spoto press.

The spoto press is like a paused bench press except instead of pausing the barbell barbell on your chest, the bar is held for approximately one second about an inch above your chest. Because the weight is being held in the air above your chest, you will be forced to remain tight, commanding full control of the barbell and maximizing muscular tension. The focus on this exercise is not the amount of weight that you are pressing as the time under tension will not allow you to lift as much as you do on a flat bench. You will however be increasing your pressing power which will provide for increased chest strength.

Take a look at the video below to see a full break down of the spoto press!

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