Epic Guest Posing Routine At The 2016 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro

by Brandon

The sport of bodybuilding is one in which is extremely competitive, especially since it is an individual sport. It is literally you against the rest of the competition and at times that can create dislike and animosity among the competitors. But we got to see a different side of the best competitors in the sport at the 2016 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro as a collection of some of the best talent hit the stage for one epic guest posing routine, putting on quite a show for all the fans that made it out. And it might just be the last time we see these guys around each other for a while as they are in the process of beginning their preparations for this year’s Olympia competition.

Judging off of what we see in this video below it looks as if we are in store for something historic at the 2016 Olympia!

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