Exclusive Interview With UFC World Champ Fabricio Werdum

by Adam Smith

The embarrassing moment that turned Fabricio into a hardcore fighter. What makes us who we are? This is a question that many people find fascinating. Not too long ago we posted an article revealing the origin stories of bodybuilders – and you might not be surprised to find out that many of us have similar key moments that lead us into the weights and iron. Getting beat up in a fight; getting picked on; and a lack of self confidence has led many people into bettering their bodies into real-life titans.

You also might not be surprised that this isn’t exclusive to bodybuilding. We recently scored an interview with UFC World Champion Fabricio Werdum – who opened up about the key moment in his life that changed everything. Whether it be sculpting our bodies into perfect physiques for the stage or mastering Mixed Martial Arts to take down a strong opponent – we all are trying to empower ourselves through strength, discipline, and willpower. What was the low point that transformed Fabricio from a young man to a world class fighter? Find out by watching the video below!

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