Extremely Strong Man Picks Up Car To Move It Off Of A Bike Path!

by Brandon

Few things can be as frustrating as bad parking jobs. Like when you finally find a parking spot only to realize that one individual decided to take up two spots so now you’re screwed. Or when someone can’t find parking and they decide to park right on a bike path. Well hopefully you have an insanely strong man with a sharp mind for problem solving on hand for these occurrences. Take the man in the video below for instance; he was just trying to enjoy a nice bike ride on a wonderful sunny afternoon only to find that a car was blocking the bike path. What did he do? Walk right right up to the car, pick it up and move it off to the side of the path. And then casually took off on his bicycle and went on with the rest of his day. Take a look at how it all went down in the video below!

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