Farting Gym Instructor Prank!

by Brandon

The gym is a place for people to get away from the stress that comes along with everyday life as they get lost in chasing after their fitness goals. But every once in a while occurrences at the gym will throw you off. Such as the guy who shouts on every single set or the dude who can’t help but slam his dumbbells on the floor with no regard for who is walking around him. The worst however, is the guy who works out next to you, releasing farts with no regard for human life. The worst part about it is that he continues to stand there and curl away as if nothing just happened. Well the hilarious Fousey took this scenario added a slight twist to it and put together an extremely comical prank. As he pretended to be a gym instructor who had just a little too much protein. Check out the highly entertaining Fousey, as he acts as a gym instructor full of gas in the video below!

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