Female Bodybuilder Is Defying The Odds And Breaking Boundaries Along The Way!

by Brandon

At first glance Ashwini Waskar looks like your typical traditional Indian girl-next-door but is actually far from it. Beneath her traditional dress lies an incredibly strong, ripped physique which the 32-year-old has worked extremely hard for. It all began about a year ago when a then overweight Ashwini was upset and unhappy about her body and took the initiative to change the direction in which her life was headed. And it was then that she discovered her passion for lifting weights and working out. Which worked out perfectly because shortly after she began training she found out about a nearby female bodybuilding competition but knew she would have to convince her conservative family to agree with her going on stage in bra and bikini. It took some convincing but her family realized it was her passion and has stood behind her ever since. Evident in her father financially supporting her bodybuilding career until Ashwini can find a sponsor to help with the burden. Check out how Ashwini is breaking boundaries in the hopes of becoming India’s top female bodybuilder in the video below!

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