Female Workout Of The Day Focuses On Triceps

by Adam Smith

Our readers vary from beginners to pros and the one thing you all will agree with is that you’re always looking for ways to get your routines started or ways to change them up! So we grabbed two competitors and had them demonstrate a simple tricep workout. Marja Toan is a figure competitor, a yoga studio owner, and co-owns the awesome athletic apparel brand Zweet Sport. She’ll be demonstrating the more advanced versions of each move. Angie Palange is a former trainer, former college athlete, and bikini competitor who will be demonstrating the modified versions of each move for those newer to lifting.

The routine is pretty simple and you can superset these exercises or use them on their own for a major tricep workout. Here it is: Tricep Dips, Skullcrushers, Tricep Kickbacks and Overhead Tricep Extension Do anywhere between 3-5 sets of each, 10-15 reps each set. Tips: With most tricep workouts, one of the key things is to keep your elbows in line with the rest of your arm. If your elbows keep bowing out, you will not be targeting the tricep as much. Go with weight that allows you to make the full motion and do not use the rest of your body to move the weight. Tighten your core while moving the weight through. Your core is the center of all of your moves and will assist in your progress.

If you’re just starting out, try the modified techniques first and go with lighter weight and higher reps. Go for a set number of reps and sets, but when you feel that is too easy, begin doing each set to failure or increase the weight. For those more advanced, lift heavy! and go till failure. Push yourself!

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