Fight For Your Happiness: Weight Loss Motivation

by Brandon

It can be easy to get caught up in life and focusing your attention on all the wrong things to the point where you forget about what truly matters. Your happiness. Nothing else in life is quite as important, you can have all the success in the world but if you aren’t happy then what good is it really? It is worthless to be honest. And the Youtube sensation Fousey wanted to let us know just that.

At one point in time Fousey was in the best physical shape of his life, he was living with his parents and was happier than ever. He was going after his dream, was in great shape, and was surrounded by a great support team that cared for him. But that all changed once Fousey took a leap of faith and moved out to Los Angeles in an effort to take his videos to the next level. Unfortunately he ended up focusing so much on his Youtube career that he failed to realize how bad he was falling off the wagon. His support team became food and without people to look out for him his bipolar and depression began to worsen. Until one day he woke up and recognized that he could no longer hide his insecurities, depression, and unhappiness through the tremendous success of his Youtube channel. Before he knew it, he was up to 224 lbs with a physique he was ashamed of. It was time to wake up and turn his life around. Fousey would check himself into rehab to help with his addiction and began a 90 day workout program. Throughout those 90 days he did everything he could to kick all the bad habits out of his life. And as we all are aware of, it worked and Fousey is back to living the life HE wants to live. Bringing us thevideo below to help those feeling helpless and unhappy, hopefully planting the seed that will spark a complete change in their lives. Check out the video below and see how Fousey changed his life, losing 49 lbs along the way!

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