Fitness 360: CT Fletcher

by Brandon

CT Fletcher is one of the best fitness motivators on the internet and pretty much paved the way for all the Youtube fitness channels you know today. CT’s no bullshit approach to motivation and training caught fire in 2013 as he stormed on to Youtube. But very rarely if ever do we get to see the highly intense CT Fletcher in a calm and cool demeanor, reflecting back on all he went through throughout his long journey. And you can’t help but get extremely motivated by all the obstacles he overcame. Never once did he encounter something that made him think about quitting or giving up because that is not what he is about. His character is strong because of all the adversities he overcame which is exactly the point he is trying to get across to others. Don’t ever place limitations on what you can do in this life because to be honest the opportunities are endless. Once you begin to limit yourself, you are killing your dreams and yourself. As CT says “Fu$k average!” Check out the video below and listen to how CT overcame open-heart surgery among many other hurdles throughout his life to get to the point where he is today!

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