Fitness Motivator’s Controversial Rant About Overweight People

by Brandon

John Burk is an internet fitness motivator, motivational speaker and former Army veteran so you can’t argue the fact that he knows a thing or two about living out a fit lifestyle. However his way of going about motivating people to make the change toward that lifestyle has rubbed certain individuals the wrong way. In his latest video, John went on a rant about how overweight individuals need to begin to make changes to the way they are living and has had enough of the “accept everybody no matter how they look physically” way of thinking  stating “I’m not going to accept you for who you are with that bullshit excuse of “You should love me because I’m beautiful.” And would go on to say that yes an individual might be beautiful on the inside but not physically and feeling that it just simply isn’t okay. “Your personality might be beautiful, but your body is NOT. It is not okay to be overweight. I will not accept society’s bullshit view that we should accept everybody for who they are.” While it might seem a bit harsh and surely people were upset by the way in which he delivered his message, one thing you can’t argue with is the purpose of the video. John Burk is attempting to get unhealthy, overweight individuals to make a change in their lives for the better, wanting them to live a higher quality life than the one they’re trapped in. We all need to work together to bring one another up and kill the terrible but deadly disease known as obesity which causes many other health complications. Take a look at the video below and let us know your views on John Burks motivational yet controversial rant!

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