Fitness Pros Get Their Butts Kicked By An Intense Boxing Class

by Brandon

Everyone is quick to claim that they are in great shape but it usually only applies to their training comfort zone. For instance an individual who prefers a weight training program might be in pretty good shape and even look in phenomenal shape but if you were to throw them into a boxing ring they would be as out of shape as it gets. And it’s simply because of the fact that they aren’t used to the sport specific training that is required to survive a boxing training session. But it’s great to shock your body and throw yourself in an environment you aren’t used to because mentally it shows you how to push through situations you aren’t accustomed to. Which makes boxing a great switch up from your usual training style, adding fighting-sinpired workouts into your training regimen will pay off in numerous ways. Once you become accustomed to the high intensity interval training workouts your conditioning levels will spike to an incredible level. Not to mention the fact that HIT training shreds fat like you can’t believe. Making it perfect for an individual looking to cut up and become ripped to shreds. Still don’t believe a boxing class can be that difficult? Take a look at the fitness pros in the video below get their butts kicked by a grueling training session!

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