Flex Lewis’ Gym Training Philosophy

by Brandon

Flex Lewis proved himself to be the best 212 bodybuilding competitor in the world with his victory at the 2015 Olympia. But how exactly did the talented Flex Lewis become the standout bodybuilder we all know and love today? In the never before seen clip below from the East Coast Mecca, Flex goes into detail about the deep rooted philosophies he takes with him everyday into the gym. While there is no shortcut or secret to greatness, getting into the head of the 4x 212 Olympia champion might be a good place to start. By no stretch does it mean that Flex’s training philosophy is the only way to go about achieving some gains but what we do know is that is has worked for Flex himself. Meaning that it wouldn’t hurt at all to listen to what he has to say and give it a try. Listen in to the training knowledge Flex drops on us all in the video below!

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