Flex Wheeler & Mike Rashid Train Chest At Iron Addicts gym

by Brandon

Flex Wheeler is widely known as one of the greatest bodybuilders the sport of bodybuilding has had the privilege of seeing. And that statement is validated by two bodybuilding legends in Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold describes Flex “..as one of the greatest bodybuilders he had ever seen” and Ronnie referres to him as “the best bodybuilder he ever competed against.” Which is high praise coming from these two incredible athletes.

Flex recently caught up with the one and only Mike Rashid as they trained chest at the famous Iron Addicts Gym and got the whole thing on camera for us all to see. If you’ve been trying to add size and strength to your chest the video below is just what you’ve been looking for. Two massive men flat out getting after it in the gym together, lifting some extremely heavy weight and pushing each other to the limit. Check out how the magnificent Flex Wheeler and the intense Mike Rashid go about building their chest below!

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