FOUR Seasons For Strength Gains

by Brandon

No matter what your fitness goals are your first priority must be the health of your body. Which is exactly why you need to switch up your training routine every three months or so to ensure that you don’t in fact burn yourself out. While lifting a ton of weight is awesome and necessary when attempting to gain size and strength, over an extended period of time that can lead to injuries that could be avoided. Elliot Hulse likes to say there are four training seasons with each season being compose of about three months. The first quarter of the year he puts an emphasis on structural strength and integrity, the second quarter focuses on a bodybuilding phase to put on mass while adding strength, the third quarter begins a phase in which most of his training consist of body weight exercises and the last quarter of the year is mostly composed of yoga training. By no means do you have to follow his exact seasonal breakdown but what you do need to do is make sure to are switching up your training focuses every few months, especially as you begin to get up there in age. Listen to why Elliot Hulse encourages people to follow the four seasons for strength gains in the video below!

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