Frank Medrano Is A Beast Here’s Some Motivation From Him

by Adam Smith

Frank Medrano is a unique and impressive proponent for calisthenics and vegan diets. He laughs while doing a pull up. A pull up with one arm. His weak arm. Can you do that? Frank is part of the Calisthenics movement that doesn’t do traditional lifts. He just does dips, pull ups and some flavor of the month exercises along with abs. With double his weight. The answer is NO. You wouldn’t be able to do the rep. Frank is strong. All types of strong. Also, look at those abs. Should you do calisthenics? Is going vegan or even vegetarian a good idea if you still want to make gains? The answer is yes. I won’t tell you to go vegan because that sounds like an absolutely awful idea on general principle.  But the idea of a calisthenics program married with a plant based diet results in a transformation that is perfect for summer. Side note: I’m a vegetarian from June through August. The rest of the year I eat enough chicken that lady gaga would vomit.

It’s possible to be a fat plant-eating hippy. It’s also possible to build lean muscle and burn fat on a plant-based diet. Calisthenics has the benefit of doubling down on strength and cardio at the same time. It makes sense too. That shit is basically HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and your body is the weight. That probably explains why your grandfather can do more push ups than you and has the grip strength of a gorilla. Summer is around the corner and odds are you’ve been bulking in the winter months. You’ve been putting time in lifting heavy and you’ve gotten bigger, but what about your joints, (not the weed type,, ahem). Your joints have probably been assaulted by the weight and could use some help and that’s where Calisthenics comes in. Studies show that these workouts are great for your joints and can help prevent potential injury to your joints. This is perfect for anyone planning on Jello wrestling while inebriated.

Even though it’s possible to be fat plant-eating hippy it’s just a lot harder. Research shows that body fat doesn’t stick around when someone’s diet mainly consists of plant proteins. It makes sense too. God knows how many times I complain about always being hungry and shitting like a rabbit or not at all when I’m on a vegetarian diet. You will lean out as long as you don’t eat enough plants to thin out a rainforest. You could always not lean out and eat meat on principle alone and I wouldn’t blame you. Vegetarian diets and calisthenics have their drawbacks but if you’re going to try it out, summer is the perfect time to look into it.

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