Frank Mir VS Todd Duffee Targeted For UFC Summer Event

by Brandon

Todd Duffee (9-2) has made it loud and clear that he wants a shot at former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir (17-9) and it seems as if his request will in fact be granted. Frank Mir was recently holding out as he hoped for a potential re-match with former champion Brock Lesnar but after Lesnar opted to sign a multi-year deal with the WWE that potential fight is off the board. That mixed with the fact that almost every other top heavyweight is already matched up means Frank Mir will pretty much have to accept Todd Duffee’s challenge, if he intends to fight in the near future. And while Todd would mark the first opponent in some time that Frank Mir fights who is ranked outside of the top fifteen, don’t for a second under estimate his opponent. Duffee, in no way is a pushover. He is a beast of a man, who is currently riding a three fight winning streak, finishing all three opponents within one round. As Todd put it, “…It’s not a grudge-match nothing like that. I have a lot of respect for the guy. But he’s NO. 11 (in the UFC rankings), and with the new Reebok deal coming in, I’ve definitely got to beat those upper-echelon guys….” Sounds like Duffee is motivated to keep his successful return to the UFC going.

Who do you guys think will come out victorious?

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