Full Breakdown Of The Anatomy And Main Functions Of The Legs

by Brandon

Have you ever come across a guy with a huge upper-body and toothpick looking legs? If you possess a gym membership I am more than sure that you have seen these kind of guys occupying the squat rack to perform set after set of barbell curls. Sadly this is typical gym behavior, it is as if these wanna-be bodybuilders have forgotten that their legs are an important part of their body. But when you ask these individuals why they choose not to workout legs they will tell you: “I do cardio for my legs,” “I don’t want my legs to get any bigger,” and “Squats hurt my knees.” Regardless of the excuse being used refusing to train your legs can be one of the biggest training mistakes you can make.

While strong legs allow you to run faster, jump higher, and improve your overall athletic ability, they will also provide you with benefits outside of athletics. Being that legs are the foundation for functional strength, building up the muscles in your legs will allow you to easily perform daily functional tasks. But the benefits don’t stop there; performing squats and deadlifts will burn off more calories than any two other exercises. No to mention that the squat and deadlift, also increase the release of growth hormone and testosterone. And if your goal is to quickly build muscle you should always be striving to increase your hormone and testosterone levels.

So before you decide to skip leg day again I think you should think twice before doing so. Don’t be one of those guys with twigs for legs, it just isn’t a good look. But if you still aren’t convinced about why you should train legs take a look at the video below where you will get a full break down of the anatomy of the legs, their main functions, and the best exercises for developing them!

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