Funniest Football Fails Compilation

by Brandon

What is the game of football to you? Is it the one with the black and white ball or is it the one with the weird shaped ball and yellow uprights? That might have to more with where you were born and raised than anything else. If you were raised in Europe or South America then more than likely you refer to football as the sport that most Americans refer to as soccer. In America football is the sport in which exceptionally athletic individuals run around crushing each other, throwing beautiful passes, and hauling down incredible catches. But no matter where you are from you can agree on one thing – regardless of which sport you refer to as football, they both require an incredible amount of physical conditioning to be highly successful. Without that tip top conditioning and training you might look silly attempting to give them a try. Such as the individuals captured in the football fails compilation below. While their skills aren’t up to par, you can’t but respect the effort they put into it. Take a look at some of the funniest football fails you have ever seen in the video below!

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