Funny Video On How To Get Girls At The Gym

by Adam Smith

Today’s video is a collaboration between Chris Jones, Vince G and Yyoulives who claims he’s 100% from the field. Let’s see what kind of girls this skinny guy can get in the gym. It’s way easier when you have big muscles, but let’s see how he does it… Youlives is here to drop knowledge about getting girls at the gym. The first trick is asking for a spot… from the front. Then cue the slow motion and Marvin Gaye.

Sometimes, a chick will ask you for a spot and that’s like winning the lottery of gym-pickups. Next up, hit the bikes and make sure you get a seat right behind your object of desire. When she’s doing yoga, show off your skills on the stretch ball because that’s how you roll. Finally, the most important skill of all, talking to women at the gym when they have their headphones in. Just make sure you don’t get your ass kicked by a gang of angry ladies at the end, and you’re all set to get girls in the gym. Do you have any crazy stories about hitting on someone at the gym, or being hit on? Share them in the comments.

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