Gatorade Remakes Classic ‘Be Like Mike’ Commercials With Outstanding Animations

by Brandon

Gatorade will be turning 50 this year and is celebrating their anniversary by remastering its emblematic commercial, which stars arguably the most famous athlete in the history of sports. Yes, those legendary ‘Be like Mike’ commercials have been remade with the assistance of some phenomenal animations. No matter where you are, you won’t be able to help yourself from chiming along to this transcendent commercial.

It begins with you: Clicking on play and before you know it you’ll be whispering, “Sometimes I dreeeeeaaammm / That heeee is meeee”, which will then lead to you shouting “IF I COULD BE LIKE MIKE! (Like Mike!) IF I COULD BE LIKE MIKE” throughout the office. Don’t worry I’m sure your co-workers will join along!

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