Get After It With This Home Bodyweight Back Routine

by Brandon

Who says you need a bunch of fancy gym equipment to get in a great workout? While the equipment that is found inside of every LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and even You Fit is very effective, it is not a necessity. In fact, at home bodyweight workouts test just how creative you can get with the resources you have at your disposal. And the best part about them is that they are extremely efficient, provide get results and the best part is that your routine can be modified to best fit your current fitness level. Which is why many individuals look to bodyweight exercises when they become bored of workouts composed of bench presses, lat pull downs and bicep curls. Working with a variety of different exercises will not only relieve the potential of workout boredom, it can also assist you in breaking through exercise plateaus to spark further fitness progress.

A good bodyweight at home workout you can use to kick start your week is the back routine which is displayed in the video below!

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