Get Big Triceps With The Overhead Tricep Extension

by Brandon

Being that the tricep makes up about two-thirds of your arm, tricep development is crucial for making your arms grow. Not to mention that the stronger your triceps become the stability and strength of your shoulders and elbows will increase as well. One exercise in particular that can help bring along your triceps is the overhead tricep extension and it can be performed with either a dumbbell or cable. What makes the overhead extension beneficial for tricep development is that it is an isolation exercise; meaning that the movement occurs at one joint and targets one muscle group. Making it a perfect exercise for strengthening the triceps and evening out any unbalances you may have between sides. Exactly why it should be a staple of your arm training routine if it isn’t already. Take a look at Chris Jones breaking down the proper technique for the overhead tricep extension in the video below!

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