Get Chiseled Abs With Rodney Razor’s Monster Ab Routne

by Brandon

Just getting lean won’t bring your abs to light, in order for them to stand out you are going to have to train them as you would any other muscle. It’s all about finding effective and efficient exercises that will get the job done. And you don’t have to train them for an hour every day of the week, about fifteen minutes is all you need to begin chipping away and sculpting that six pack you’ve been after. Personal trainer Rodney Razor teamed up with to bring us his fifteen minutes monster ab routine. It might seem like a relatively quick workout routine but it’s highly intense and will give you the sensation of a killer workout after you complete it. These 4 movements executed in succession will get you that much closer to your goal of having a ridiculously chiseled mid-section. Take a look at the full breakdown of the routine in the video below!

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