Get More Ripped And Vascular In Just One Week

by Adam Smith

Since the summer is coming and many people out there are on a mission to get shredded we decided to share this great video from Scooby. In this video he talks about how you can become more ripped and vascular by doing simple changes to your diet. Food these days is PACKED with salt, it makes it taste irressistable, preserves it, and makes it cheaper to manufacture.

Most people think that cutting down on sodium means hiding the sodium shaker but that wont help because the every convienience food you buy is packed with it. What sodium does is make you thirsty and makes your body retain water. The more sodium you eat, the more water you retain.

When you feel bloated the day after the superbowl, its not all the calories you ate but the megadoses of sodium in the pizza and chips you ate that causes you to feel like the Michelin man. Sodium sensitivity varies but some people can gain 10 pounds of water with such sodium binges. Imagine what a bucket full of water looks like on your belly! Retained water makes you look puffy and fat. Its not just a cosmetic problem either, it can be very dangerous for some with hypertension and other diseases.

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