Get Shredded With Bradley’s Dynamic Cardio Routine

by Brandon

Just the thought of cardio alone is enough to put anyone in a bad mood before they even arrive at the gym. The last thing anybody wants to do is sit on the bike or run on the treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour. The reason being how boring it is but cardio is a necessary evil if you plan on getting ripped to shreds for spring break and the summer time. A good alternative to the boring style of cardio previously mentioned would be a dynamic cardio routine. A dynamic routine will provide more of a challenge, which will therefore improve your conditioning while keeping you entertained and engaged. Which results in a more effective and enjoyable cardio session. So stop boring yourself to death on the stationary bike at the gym and start having fun while getting results. A good start would be by taking a look at Bradley Martyn’s dynamic cardio routine in the video below!

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