GI Weekly: Mr. Olympia 2015 Predictions

by Brandon

We are literally less than two weeks out from the 2015 Olympia weekend and the question on everybody’s mind at this point in time is: “Who will come out on top?” Will Phil Heath secure his fifth consecutive Sandow trophy? Will Kai Greene have what it takes to get over the hump? Or will an unexpected runner-up such as Shawn Rhoden, Dennis Wolf, or Dexter Jackson surpass everyone’s expectations and propel themselves to the top? One thing that is for sure is that whomever has plans of taking down “The Gift” must come to the Olympia in unworldly conditioning to even stand a chance. While we have to wait until the 18th to find out how it all plays out – GI Weekly made their predictions on who will make the top 6 at the 2015 Mr. Olympia to hold us off. Check out their picks in the video below and let us know if you agree or disagree with their rankings!

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