GI Weekly: Top 5 Badass CT Fletcher Moments

by Brandon

September 18 is going to be a great days for fans of bodybuilding and weight-lifting for that matter. Not only will the 2015 Olympia be in full-effect but it will also mark the release of the Generation Irons new lengthly film, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession. In a matter of days we will be able to finally see the man behind all of the intense motivation. The man behind, “I Command You To Grow!” Giving us a real look into what makes CT tick, a look into what actually keeps him going after all these years. CT is no longer a young pup but at 54 years of age he can keep up with anybody inside of the weight room. But while you wait for the release of the film, GI Weekly brings you a list of the top five badass CT Fletcher moments. If you thought one CT video was enough to get you pumped just wait until you see the 5 clips in the video below!

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